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Rasmus Palmgren holds a MSc in Geology and Mineralogy received in 1998.

Rasmus is a geologist with experience undertaking major ground contamination and geotechnical site investigations, leading to remediation and geotechnical design for both public and private sector clients in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.  Within this experience, Rasmus has been responsible for project procurement, client liaison, site investigation design, interpretative reporting, statutory authority negotiation (Planning Discharge, EA, EHO), risk assessment, remediation design and overall project management.

Since 2008 Rasmus has managed and developed geo-environmental consultancy teams in three companies prior to co-founding Ground Condition Consultants Ltd.

In addition to project management and delivery experience, Rasmus has also carried out internal ISO14001 Environmental Management Standards and ISO 9001 Quality Standards audits during his employments.

Rasmus heads the Hampshire office and is predominantly responsible for the business development aspects of Ground Condition Consultants Ltd with additional responsibility for technical, financial management and administrative management of the company.

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Rasmus Palmgren