Rotary Multi Tool

Cable Percussive

Robust rigs suitable for drilling up to about 30m. Particularly suited to geotechnical investigation and installation of monitoring wells.

With the appropriate site investigation undertaken we can provide an indication of the risk our clients might face in terms of project constraints, costs and timescales of a project. Based on the investigation, we can also make recommendations for a variety of relevant geotechnical properties including foundation design, piling, groundwater issues, and retaining wall design with respect to the very latest industry standards, and developments.

Drilling Rig
Compact Drilling Rig

Rotary and multi-tool

Flexible rigs suitable for a multitude of uses and ground conditions and are particularly useful for drilling in rock.

Intrusive ground investigation


Trial pits

Machine excavated trial pits and trenches are simple techniques for investigating in-ground structures and shallow soils for both contamination and geotechinal purposes.

Windowless sampling

Compact rigs suitable for drilling up to about 6.0m. Particularly suited to contamination sampling of shallow soils and installation of shallow monitoring wells.

Investigation techniques

Ground Condition Consultants