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GCC provides ground contamination assessments to serve several functions in the development process.  Initially, ground contamination assessments can form part of the land acquisition process by determining if contamination present on a site would need to be cleaned up (or remediated) in order to make the site suitable for the proposed use and therefore if the cost of the remediation would affect the value of the land. We also assist land owners in understanding their responsibilites and liabilities relating to contamination on their land.

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Pre-occupation planning conditions may also need to be discharged on developments where significant contamination is identified and which require remediation. GCC assist with commissioning specialist remediation contractors and undertake Remediation Verification to help discharge these conditions. We also provide design support for ground gas protection measures in developments and geotechnical consultancy services to inform the design of foundations and other ground related structures.

Ground contamination assessments form part of the development planning process as Local Authorities have a duty to make sure that land within their area does not present a significant risk to human health or environmental receptors. GCC provides Preliminary Risk Assessments (also known as a Desk Studies) to support the application then provides Ground Investigations, Ground Condition Assessment Reports and Remediation Strategies to help discharge the series of pre-commencement planning conditions to an application, relating to contamination.

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Our mission is to provide clients across the United Kingdom with geo-environmental consultancy services for all types of development, from land acquisition support through to development completion, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical experience.

We strive to provide pragmatic, client focused advice while maintaining high quality technical standards and working in accordance with best practice industry guidance to meet the requirements of the Local Authority and Environment Agency regulators.

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